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Business Advisors & Compliance Consultants

Henderson Partners Business Solutions offers experienced advisory services to the Aerospace (Aviation) and Defence industries. Specialising in business compliance and performance, we help businesses to become 'Defence Ready' and 'Aviation Ready'.


Our aim:

To help your business become more

efficient, competitive, compliant, profitable and safe


We will tackle any challenge with the specialist skills that are essential and different for every customer.


Our pricing:

We want the relationship with our clients to

be trusting and long lasting


We will give fair estimates and quotes for every project. We will not try to compete with less skilled organisations or major consulting firms. Our quotes will be your best value for money with full insurance coverage and all of our work is guaranteed.


What makes us different:

Unlike the 'Large' consulting firms we are accessible both in price and the interest we have in your business.

Unlike many 'Small' consulting firms we provide a full portfolio of professional skills and business solutions to assist all levels and areas of your business.


How we can help:

Our approach is to work as part of your team to help define, analyse and resolve your issues with a single focus on improving your business.


What we’ll do:

  • Listen to you

  • Harness your knowledge

  • Introduce our expertise

  • Apply management frameworks

  • Tailor workable, risk controlled solutions

  • Achieve results that improve your business

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